How to use Tempeh?

You can use tempeh many different ways:

Use it as a meat replacement in any dish,

Add it to a stir-fry,

DIY Burger Patties (cut in patty shape- and fry),

Crumble on a salad or

Simply eat it as a snack.

We recommend to FRY tempeh before you add it to a dish to get the best texture and a nice nutty flavour.

You want it to be golden brown and crunchy all over(big or small pieces), then drain on kitchen towel and lightly salt.

Any oil will do - traditionally sunflower is used, but olive oil gives it a nice taste for Western Dishes while Coconut Oil has a more neutral taste.

Simple Examples:

Crumble the tempeh and use it in a bolognese pasta sauce or in a lasagne. 

Add it to a curry,

Fry Tempeh and eat it as a snack with salt and pepper.

Make Tempeh Ribs (marinade & braai)